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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Power of ME!!!

I would like to start off with a few exerpts from one of Robert Greene's books, "The 48 Laws of Power"

Don't know who Robert Greene is?

He says:

When Asking for Help, Appeal to People’s Self-Interest,
Never to their Mercy or Gratitude

If you need to turn to an ally for help, do not bother to remind him of your past assistance and good deeds. He will find a way to ignore you. Instead, uncover something in your request, or in your alliance with him, that will benefit him, and emphasize it out of all proportion. He will respond enthusiastically when he sees something to be gained for himself.

Learn to Keep People Dependent on You

To maintain your independence you must always be needed and wanted. The more you are relied on, the more freedom you have. Make people depend on you for their happiness and prosperity and you have nothing to fear. Never teach them enough so that they can do without you.

I must say this to begin...  Robert Greene is a genius.  From the perspective of his own atheistc worldview he is absolutely right.  He has looked to the end of his path and knows exactly what he needs to do to get there.  When you make the "no God" choice, in effect, you actually do choose a god, and that god is you.  You become a power unto yourself and that power is the only thing that you can rely on to protect you from all of the other "Yous" out there.  The more power you have, the more protection you have.  All you need to do is look to the powerful elite to realize the truth of this.  They live by this philosophy.  It is the fundamental perspective of the world.

This is also why the God described in the Bible is such a dangerous thing.  It offers a perspective that goes beyond this world and reaches into things eternal.  I would like to quote a poem that was posted the INFJ poetry thread on Personality Cafe.  It encapsulates this view so very well.

By: Bubbleboy

"The ego cannot be denied
It's in our nature to be self-interested
I love you and that brings ME joy
I think of empathy as seeing MYself in another
I help you because you are the child ME who needed help and didn't get it
Maybe I can redeem MY soul that way
I think of high empathy as a generalization of MYself
We are all the same, you're all the child ME
The world is ME
Love is ME
I am

When I read this I felt inspired... and this "in the moment" word vomit was my response:

Let Go of Me
Why do I always seem
To get in the way
Of myself?
Is there truly nothing more in me,
Than my own nature,
To be me?
To see me,
In you,
Through me?
To watch the earth and sun
And moon and stars
As I revolve,
Around myself?
My ego is me.
Do I know no bounds?
Do I take whatever I want?
Can I never deny myself?
Is indulgence in me...
My only choice?
Do I only take
What space
I give myself?
I see that we are all the same,
Because I see you
As me
But how can "we" even be...
If all I see
Is me?
Can I really love you,
If all I see is me,
In you,
Through me?
Who the hell is "you"?
Who the hell is "me"?
I think
I am
Is that all?
I wonder what I would see...
If I...
Let go of me?
God thought...
It was...
It is...
He is...
You are...
I am...
We live
We love
The Never End

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