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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why do I believe?

After my last post I felt the need to elaborate on why I believe in God, and not just some vague agnostic view that "There is a mysterious god thing out there somewhere", but specifically the one true God of the Bible.
Einstein once said:
"The intutive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

My caveat to this:

Empirical rational thought is just a circle,
Always ending up right back where it began
Rejecting faith and feeling
Knowing truly nothing for certain
Because until we unlock all of infinity
There will always be gaps in knowledge

Subjective intuitive feeling is chaotic and formless,
Becoming lost in the infinite cosmic vortex of possibility
Putting faith in anything and everything
But never having a difinitive basis
For discerning what is right and true

In the end and apart, both look down at their hands and find they have nothing.

However, when you embrace both
Circle and chaos
Thought and feeling
Rationale and intuition
Be prepared for an endless spiraling journey into the depths of infinity
Now what about infinity?
Infinity can't be created
What could give birth to it?
More infinity?
Add to it or subtract from it and in the end
You still have infinity
Infinity just is
And it is the book that gives definition to the universe

Every book has an author
In fact, the two are one in the same
Before a book is ever written it exists within the author
And after, if you look hard and deep enough
And choose to see
You can always find the author in the book

You can deny the book if you want
Fear the book
Refuse to read it
Refuse to believe what you read
Only read part of it
Or twist what you read to make it what you want it to be
Instead of what it actually is

Or you can trust it, embrace it, and explore it's depths
Open your intuitive feelings to discovering it's mysteries and possiblilities
Use your rational thought to put the pieces together and discern it's truth
And through both, learn to give the Author the respect and acknowledgement it deserves

The Apostle John once said:
"In the beginning the Book already existed
The Book was with God
And the Book was God
It existed in the beginning with God
And God created everything through it
Nothing that was made
Was created, except through the Book
The Book brought life to everything that was created
And through the Book's life
He brought the light to everyone
The light forever shines in the darkness
And the darkness can never extinguish it"

All that said... I have a humble request

To the scientists, mathematicians, and students of the empirical universe
If you don't think Infinity exists
Please take it out of your equations

To the spiritualists, religious leaders, and practitioners of faith
Read the Book, the whole Book, and nothing but the Book
Please stop twisting its words, adding things that don't fit, or rejecting things that do

And to everyone
The Book is what allowed this universe to even be
You will know it when you read it because it stands on it's own
It connects and makes sense of all things and leads the way back to it's Author
It is infinite and gives birth to light
Which encompasses life, love, hope, faith, knowledge, and understanding

When you break everything down to it's core
I think there are only two paths to follow
And three choices to make
The first choice is to sit down in the middle of the path
And refuse to go either direction
At the end of all things
This person will discover that they have gone no where
And gained nothing
Or you can choose to get up and move
It then becomes a choice of which direction

One direction leads to infinite light
The other leads to the dark void of nothing
The void seeks death and an end to all things
In that sense it tries to overcome infinity
By draining it of it's infiniteness
Trying to convince life that infinity is less than it is
Infecting life with fear of the terrifying and overwhelming majesty of it
And attempting to divert life down a path
That leads to the devouring jaws of the void
But it can never overcome it
Infinity enters into the void
And casts it out
And all who seek and pursue it
Filling the void with itself
Because as I have already said
Subtract from infinity and at the end of all things
You still have infinity

So choose your path
Put your complete faith and trust in that choice
Serve your choice and live it
But every step of the way
Or every second you sit
Never stop asking
Am I going the right direction?
Have I made the right decision?
And look to the end of the path you have chosen for the answer.
So why do I believe what I do?
Because I know who I am
And what I am not
I can not look at this universe and deny
That Infinity exists
I also know that no matter how long I walk towards it
I will never ever reach it
On my own
My God calls Himself "I Am"
Because He is the all encompassing infinite God.
And He is the ONLY one
That reached out and stepped down from His infinite throne
Became me
Lived a human life of complete integrity to His own infinite will
Sacrificed Himself for me
Walked freely into the jaws of the void
And conquered it.
All because He wants me
The infinite God of the universe
Who has need of absolutely nothing
Puts such value on my own life
That He would give up His own
In order to bridge the gap
That I know I could never cross
And bring me the rest of the way home
Infinity has reached across the great void and taken hold of my heart.

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